I have experience doing walk throughs and visually reviewing properties as a realtor. Pointing out potential problems to buyers prior to having a licensed home inspector verify the condition of the property.

Twice a month visits to visually inspect the property for signs of water or pest damage.

Monthly the water will be turned on, faucets run, toilets flushed.

Check thermostat and humidity level to assure levels are under 50%

Check ceilings and walls to assure there is no water intrusion from the unit above.

At a minimum, your property should be checked by a reputable Home Watch service twice a month. 

There currently is no official requirement for offering a home watch service.  

I do maintain insurance and a bond protecting my clients.

A monthy charge for two checks, bi-weekly, is $45 for the month. Each check at a minimum should take 30 minutes or more.

Trusting your valuable property to a neighbor who won't give the attention or experience is not advisable.  

I am the owner and only employee of My Home Angel. I will not allow access to your property by anyone else. This is my full time career, and not a hobby like other companies might be.

You can arrange for additional services from, checking for mail and forwarding.

Starting and running a vehicle monthy to assure the battery remains charged.

Additional visit for storm checks.

If there is something in addition not mentioned, please let me know and we may be able to arrange it.

Most Associations require a vacant property has a service and some insurance policies may have verbiage that vacant vacation property have someone checking the property to be covered.  

Although I can't prevent anything from occurring, i will provide a comprehensive visual inspection and can notice issues in the early stages before more significant damage can occur to your property and adjacent properties.

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Thank you for considering My Home Angel for your home check needs. I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve when you're away from home.